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Student Tech Program
Mac Tools has provided quality tools, unparalleled service and innovative solutions for over 74 years. Our company is committed to building lifetime relationships with students who will have careers as professional technicians.
How does the program work for students?
Students are eligible to receive a significant discount on most tools, tool boxes and other products listed in the current Mac Tools price list. 
Students can customer order tool sets as recommended by their school's program or build a set that suits their needs up to $15,000 in total STP purchases. 
Students may pay via credit card, check, money order, or our Mac Card financing option.

How does the program work for schools?
Schools are eligible to receive a significant discount on most tools, tool boxes and other products.
Schools do not have purchasing limitations for products purchased for school use. 

How to place an order?
Students must simply fill out an application/order form and submit it along with payment. If you have a Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee servicing your school, please submit all order forms to him or her. Your order will be shipped directly to the shipping address on your order form. If you do not have a Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee, you may place your order directly with a Mac Tools District Manager.

What is my discount from Mac Tools?
The discount is 50% off retail pricing on most items. Your Distributor or Franchisee can tell you which few exceptions have a lesser discount. The discount only applies to items ordered directly from Mac Tools. The items your Distributor or Franchisee has on his/her truck were purchased at a higher price and are not eligible for the 50% discount. 

How do I need to pay for the tools? 
The best way to pay is with a credit card. The card does not have to be the student's card as long as the cardholder gives their permission for the charge. Payment can be made by money order or check if no credit card is available. 

Can I finance my tool purchases?
Financing is not available at the 50% discount. Tools can be purchased on long term financing directly from your Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee at regular prices for those with approved credit. 

What "extras" are charged on student prices?
Mac Tools does not charge for shipping, but does charge applicable sales tax on all orders for students. Public school purchases are normally tax-exempt. 

How do I get warranty service on my Mac Tools?
Warranty service is available from any local Mac Tools Distributor, Franchisee or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS. 

How do I place an order?
Any Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee can process your order. Orders must be signed by your instructor signifying that you are a full-time student, currently enrolled in a vocational program. 

Where do I find out what the normal price is so I can figure my discount?
Any Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee can provide that information or you can log on to and see the part number, description and a picture and the suggested list price. if what you need is not listed there you may call Mac Tools Customer Service at 1-800-MAC-TOOL. Items shown in monthly sale flyers are not 50% off the sale price.

Do I have to buy sets or specific tool boxes?
You can order any set or any individual item as long as the price without tax is at least $100. All tool boxes are available, with the exception of Macsimizers and Made-To-Order tool boxes. 

How long does it take to receive my order?
All orders for items currently in stock usually ship within one week of the time the order is sent in by your Distributor or Franchisee. Please allow an additional week for ground delivery.

How many orders can I place?
You can make multiple orders of at least $100 for four months from the time of your first order. Your eligibility ends after 120 days for that school year. Schools do not have any end to their eligibility requirement.