Consumer Repairs

Mac Tools operates a world class repair department to assist our Distributors, Franchisees and Consumers with repairing air tools and some electronic tools. If you are unclear if a tool is repairable, contact Mac Tools Customer Service at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS. Flat repair rates have been established for most tools.

  • Customer pays for shipping cost to mac Tools Repair Facility
  • All returns require a valid credit card number before an estimate is completed
  • Mac Tools will repair your tool to the Manufacture's Specification and return your tool to you.
    • Mac Tools reserves the right to replace your tool if circumstances warrant replacement
  • Fixed repair rates have been established for most tools
    • Fixed rate can be provided by calling 1-800-MACTOOLS
  • If a fixed repair rate does not exist and your tool is not under warranty, Mac Tools will provide a cost estimate
    • Responses on estimates must be received in less than three weeks or tool will be returned unrepaired
  • In the event the tool received falls under the manufactures warranty, it will be repaired and returned to you at no charge
  • In the event the tool received is damaged (or discontinued) and cannot be repaired under the fixed rate system, you will be notified with an estimate to repair or replace. You will have 3 weeks to accept or dent the estimate. If denied or there is not a response, your tool will be returned to you unassembled for safety reasons and your credi card will ne charged for shipping the tool back to you
  • Some tools can be repaired not by Mac Tools but by the vendor. We will need to send these tools on to the vendor. Some vendors may charge an inspection fee
  • Mac Tools will pay for shipping back to you
  • Contact Customer Service at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS for estimates on repairing your tools

Instructions to Send in Repair

  • Contact Mac Tools (800-MACTOOLS) with a valid credit card number
  • Complete the Repair Request Form (click here to retreive), complete thoroughly and include in box with your repair. It is critical that we receive your phone number, fax number, street address and email address in case we need to notify you
  • Distributors and Franchisees should include repair tags on all tools
  • Do NOT send in any assessories with your tools including air nipples, boots or batteries
    • Exception: On Electronic Equipment, ALL components must be sent in to diagnose the problem
  • Send to: Mac Tools, Attn: Repairs Dept., 4380 Old Roberts Road, Columbus, OH 43228