Mac Tools Welcomes Top Tier Distributor

Columbus, Ohio – Mac Tools has delivered 29 consecutive quarters of organic growth and was voted the #1 Fastest Growing New Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We are launching best-in-class products, focusing on the business health of our Franchisees, and increasing the number of Mac Tools trucks on the road. Over the past two years, the network has brought on additional distributors and grown by more than 100 new routes.

Recognizing the changes being made to strengthen the overall franchise offering, a top tier Distributor with a Mac Tools competitor for 26 years initiated a conversation to join the Mac Tools team as a franchisee. TEAM WOLFPACK, #1 with a competitor for four years in a row and a history of more than $1 million in annual purchases, operates out of Illinois with a fleet of five Mac Tools trucks.

“I have another 25 years of excitement and energy left to dedicate to mobile tools sales,” said John about making the switch. “And Mac Tools is by far the best place for TEAM WOLFPACK to spend those years. They embody being ‘great to work with’ in every way, and their commitment to customers and distributors is truly first class.”​

About Mac Tools: Mac Tools is a business unit of Stanley Industrial & Automo​tive, LLC that has a product line in excess of 42,000 items, and uses the direct sales approach with a mobile sales force of distributors. The Mac Tools philosophy of excellent quality, price and service remains unchanged since their start in 1938. And, the company spirit that made them successful in 1938 is the same spirit that makes their tools and team Great to Work With™.​​