PAG Oil and Dye Injectors

  • To inject dye or oil, simply connect the injector to the low side of the A/C system and twist the handle until you reach the desired amount
  • The injector hose comes complete with one R134A coupler and auto shut-off valve adapter for 1/4" FL systems
  • Holds 2 oz. of dye (Not included)
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R134a Standard Oil Injectors ODINJ134 R134a Standard Oil Injectors
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R12 Standard Oil Injectors ODINJR12 R12 Standard Oil Injectors
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Ultraviolet Dye Injector Kit BLKINJ Ultraviolet Dye Injector Kit
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R12/R134a Dye/Oil Injector AC53123A R12/R134a Dye/Oil Injector
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