Brake Caliper Turn-In Tool


  • Designed to rotate brake pistons back into the caliper on vehicles with self-adjusting parking brakes
  • Replaces kits that contain up to 20 parts by having universally adjustable 2- and 3-pin configuration
  • Fits on a standard 1/4" ratchet or breaker bar and works on both right- and left-hand pistons
  • Works on most domestic and import vehicles that have self-adjusting parking brakes
Shipped via Freight No
Range Side One: 2-Pin Min. .830” - Max. 1.600”; Side Two: 3-Pin Min. .750” - Max. 1.600”
Type Turn Back Tool
Warranty Code RL
Warranty Description Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Weight [Lbs] 1
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$82.99 In Stock