19-PC. Test Probe Kit


  • Designed to be used on popular Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack and Micro-Pack style connectors
  • Probes are 5" in length and flexible to help eliminate damage to connector terminals that can result from testing with a standard test probe
  • 4mm adapter allows conversion of some circuit testers to a 4mm banana connector, which provides a better connection
  • Individual components are sold separately by special order. Please contact Mac Tools customer service at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS to purchase.
  • Black Pouch
  • Red Male Spade Wire
  • Red Female Spade Wire
  • Green Male Spade Wire
  • Green Female Spade Wire
  • White Male Spade Wire
  • White Female Spade Wire
  • Blue Male Spade Wire
  • Blue Female Spade Wire
  • Black Male Spade Wire
  • Black Female Spade Wire
  • Gray Male Spade Wire
  • Gray Female Spade Wire
  • Yellow Male Spade Wire
  • Yellow Female Spade Wire
  • Flexible Spooned Back Probe
  • 4mm Probe Adaptor
  • 4mm Piercing Back Probe
  • Long Straight Probe .040, Black
  • Crocodile Clip, Black
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