Sensor Box


  • Turn your ETX431TAB10 into a unique Sensor Simulator with the ET0518 Sensor Box
  • Allows you to create and modify a wide variety of signal parameters such as coolant temperature, mass air flow, injector, throttle position, and more, saving wasted time replicating drivability issues
  • Simulate the sensor with a known good waveform via the ET0518 and know right away if it’s faulty
  • Draw your desired waveform on your ETX431TAB10 and click start to have the ET0518 begin generating that very waveform
  • With the built-in multimeter function, you can display digital voltage, resistance and frequency, and print out results via the ETX431TAB10
  • Allows the technician to substitute known good waveforms for intermittent components that cannot be verified
  • Contains a library of standard reference waveforms that can be modified by the stroke of a finger
  • Sensor simulation tests: DC voltage, fixed frequency, predefined waveform, and hand drawn waveform
  • Integrated multimeter test functions: voltage, resistance, and frequency
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Warranty Description 2 Year Vendor Repair Warranty
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