Scope Box


  • Turn your ETX431TAB10 into a four channel lab scope with the ET0519
  • Quickly captures suspect/intermittent signals for waveform analysis via the ETX431TAB10 LCD screen
  • By analyzing waveforms, a variety of faults on sensors, actuators, circuits, and electronic control units can be discovered
  • Electrical signals and their waveforms can be recorded, displayed, compared, and examined based on the following signal parameters: amplitude (the maximum voltage of a signal), shape (the form of the signal), pulse width (the duty cycle or time interval of the signal), and array (the repetition characteristics of the signal)
  • Independent ground on each channel – allows for clean signal without interference or potentially damaging feedback
  • Built-in square wave signal generator ensures verification of accuracy and calibration
  • Examine, display, and save five parameter indexes of all electrical signals: amplitude, frequency, shape, pulse width, and array
  • Highest sampling rate in the industry to capture the smallest possible glitch – four channel: up to 200 mega samples per second and single channel: 50 mega samples per second
  • Ultra-fast capture of "glitch" occurrences with advanced triggers
  • Playback of waveform can be slowed down for observation and analysis
  • Extensive library of known good waveforms
  • Bandwidth: 20 MHz
  • DC Accuracy: +/- 1%
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