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  • PowerSmoke PRO®, developed specifically to find leaks in HD, boosted, diesel engines, replicates the full load of a boosted engine so the entire system can be safely tested for leaks/faults with the engine safely off. It is the only diagnostic tool available that can, in a single procedure, replicate the full load of an HD engine, detect any high-pressure leak, pinpoint its exact location, and precisely identify failing components. Eliminates diagnostic test drives, dramatically saving repair time. 40x pressure of typical evap machines, free of dyes and contaminants, easy-to-see high density vapor finds leaks in: Cab Leaks/ Exhaust Fume Leaks, Variable Pressure and Variable Flow, Pressure Up To 40X Typical EVAP, Compact, Rugged Design, Professional Grade Strong, Made with Steel and Billet Aluminum, Runs on Compressed Air, Powered by 110-250 V AC or 12 V DC, Free of Dyes & Contaminants, 3 - 20 PSI Range, Performs Decay/Leak Down Tests, Weighs Only 19 lbs.
  • PowerSmoke PRO is the only technology available that can deliver variable pressure, high-density vapor that is 100 percent free of dyes and other contaminants, through the 20 PSI range and deliver 6x the volume and more than 40x the pressure of a traditional EVAP smoke machine. Comes with full accessory kit, including award-winning Easy Intake universal block-off with pass-through; 60” Smoke Wand; Durable Accessory Case; Smoke Nozzle; Cooling System Adaptor; NOX, O2, and Temp Port Adaptors; Smoke Producing Fluid and all other necessary accessories
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