22-PC. Master Relay and Fused Circuit Test Set


  • Jumpers have tabs for clamping and flat pads to place test leads on
  • No need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires
  • Easily and securely connect relay test jumpers to a multimeter
  • Terminal Leads with Switch/Fuse/ Power provides the technician several ways to check the fuses that are in the panel
  • Five wire set that fits these fuses; Female-Pal, JK, LJK, Male-L-mini, Mini, ATO, and Maxi
  • One set of wires has no ends, allowing the technician to crimp any style they need
  • Different sized ends on the wires give flexibility to plug directly in the relay base or to fit other relay sizes not covered by the jumpers
  • Remove any fuse and plug in the correct wire and plug the other end into a meter and take a current reading without using a clamp-on tester
  • Use the on/off switch to control a circuit
  • Test before or after the switch by using the stacking banana plugs
  • The power lead can apply external power to only the circuit that you are working on
  • There are two 3-1/2' extensions to be used if you are controlling a circuit while the vehicle is on a hoist
  • The in-line fuse holder (common ATO fuse style) protects the circuit and meter when testing
  • Relay Puller Pliers for removing electrical relays on most domestic and import vehicles
  • Offset handle and thin tips allow access to relays in confined areas
  • Specially designed tips are angled to fit slots or the edge of the relay cover
  • Allows the relay to pop free from the socket with less chance of damaging the relay cover
  • (8) Relay test jumpers from the RTJ101 and RTJ102 kits tofit most of the popular relays
  • (1) RTJ104 Test Lead Kit
  • (1) ET69250 Terminal Leads with Switch/Fuse/Power
  • (1) RPP46950 Relay Puller Pliers
Shipped via Freight No
Index Name Relay Tester
Warranty Code C0
Warranty Description See Individual Components For Warranty Information
Weight [Lbs] 2
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