Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Franchise


​​Have you been considering a tool franchise as a way to Be Your Own Boss™? Are you passionate about the automotive industry and the type of person that enjoys talking to others who share your passion? If so, work with Mac Tools to build your own business. We can provide you with a wealth of information on starting a tool truck franchise. After an initial screening and qualification, you can even participate in a ride along on one of our tool trucks to see just what day-to-day life is like for a tool truck business owner.

If you decide to pursue a Mac Tools tool franchise​, you'll be connected with one of our on-boarding managers, who can provide you with information on:

  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Licensing your business
  • Acquiring any necessary permits
  • Finding a truck and outfitting it with graphics
  • And more

We'll also schedule you in our five-day Tool School, where you can learn about all of the different professional-grade tools we offer, strategies for running your automotive tool franchise​, and how to use our innovative Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software. When you return home, you'll find your initial inventory ready for you. Your district manager will aid you in setting up your tool truck and help you get accustomed to doing business on the road by riding along for your first few weeks. You'll also have support from one of our business analysts, who will monitor your business and can provide information to help you run it more effectively.

Mac Tools support for our tool franchise owners doesn't end there. As long as your truck carries the MAC Tools name, our team is there for you. We have knowledgeable product specialists available who can answer any questions you have about Mac Tools products or how to service them. We also advertise through many avenues, particularly motorsports sponsorships, to drive demand for our professional-grade products. We'll even have orders placed on our corporate website from your area routed to your MBA, so you don't miss out on the sale.

For more information on starting a tool truck franchise with Mac Tools, contact us today.​

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