Precision Screwdriver Set

​​​​​​​​​​​​Get a Precision Screwdriver Set That's Designed with Automotive Work in Mind from Mac Tools

precision screwdriver setAny automotive expert can find a precision screwdriver set to suit their needs from the wide selection offered by Mac Tools. We produce options with tips for slotted, hex, Philips®, Torx®, Tamper-proof Torx®, square-tip, and other screw types, all in multiple styles so you can find a model that's right for your work. Each precision screwdriver set we offer is designed with our company's automotive pedigree in mind, so you'll find they include many features that make them Great to Work With™ in the punishing environment of a garage or maintenance facility.

Some of the many specific precision screwdriver​​ lines Mac Tools offers include:

  • Mac Grip™
    • Quad-lobular handles that maximize torque
    • Ergonomic handles with textured grips divided into precision and speed grip zones
    • Molded tip IDs for easy identification
    • Nylon alloy materials that resist a wide range of shop chemicals
  • Macsimizer™
    • Bi-material handles that provide a comfortable, non-slip grip
    • Color-coded handles for identification
    • Ergonomic, tri-lobular handles that minimize hand fatigue
  • Comfort Grip™
    • Solid-core acetate handles that resist corrosion
    • Quad-lobular handle for better torque
    • Vapor-blasted tips for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • And more

Mac Tools can also supply many other specialty screwdrivers, such as models with insulated handles for work on electrical systems and ratcheting screwdrivers with swappable magnetic bits. We even offer accessories like magnetizer/demagnetizer systems and storage trays that can help you utilize your professional-grade precision screwdriver sets more effectively. As with many of our other mechanic tools, these products are made in accordance with the highest manufacturing quality standards, so you can count on all of their features to work at their best year after year in the most demanding environments.

To learn more about our various precision screwdriver lines and find the right precision screwdriver set for your work, contact us or your nearest Mac Tools tool truck operator today.​