5-PC. Wire Loom Threading Set


  • A clever grouping of wire fishing tools for the automotive technician
  • Whether general wiring R&R, or adding Gauge Packs, Sound Systems, Vehicle Security and Camera Systems, these tools simplify placing the wiring within the protection of existing wiring looms, without cutting tape or zip ties and without damage to other wires
  • There are 3 wire pulling tools in 15", 10" and 5.5" lengths for common automotive applications, the grommet insertion tool allows the wire to be captured within the tool to hold once it is placed so you can grab from the opposite side of the firewall, and the pigtail tool assists when building a new harness on the workbench
  • Proper wiring repair or added wiring should be protected from scuffing, tearing, heat, or road grime by secure placement within wire looms or through grommeted holes
  • To do the job right, the looms should be opened; requiring removal of zip ties, and tape—then the wire pressed into the wire looms and resecured
  • Let's you complete the task without removing these ties or tapes and saves a lot of wear and tear on your fingers
  • Five Pieces for any automotive service situation: Three pieces for threading a wire into populated looms
  • One piece for inserting wire through grommeted holes one piece for pulling a group of wires though a vacant loom
  • Spring Steel construction for navigating though harness junctions
  • Individual components are sold separately by special order. Please contact Mac Tools customer service at 1-800-MAC-TOOLS to purchase.
Type Threader
Warranty Code C0
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