Tire Changer with Tilt Back and Dual Press Arms - Same as TC3200 with Added TCTILIFT Wheel Lift


  • The TC3200 is designed especially to handle tough to change tires, like low-profiles, and run flats in a high performance service shop
  • This tire changer is best suited for large garages, wheel specialty shops, car dealerships, and tire dealers
  • With its unique press and help arm the TC3200 tire changer lets you easily change stiff sidewall tires
  • The fully automatic tilt tower design gives the best rigidity possibly for tabletop design tire changers
  • Each machine comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Tubeless inflator device directly injects air through jets on each clamp
  • Fully automatic tilt back arm accurately repositions itself for each tire and wheel assembly in a group
  • Inserts protect aluminum wheels
  • Dual arms for low-profile tires
  • Dual cylinders on clamping table clamps
  • Outside clamping diameter adjustable to 26" with optional extensions
  • Press Arm
  • Helper Arm
  • Automatic Tilt Arm Control
  • Tubeless Inflator
  • Automatic Tilt Back Arm
  • Inserts (aluminum wheels)
  • Separating System
  • Dual Cylinders
  • Table Clamps
  • Air Tank
  • Dual Arms for Low-Profile Tires
  • 1-Year Parts/Labor Warranty
  • 3-Year Transmission Warranty
  • TC9213100 - Optional Low-Profile Assist Arm
  • TC9212860 - Tire tool plastic cover
  • TCTILIFT wheel lift
  • Optional
  • TC902KIT - Motorcycle/ATV Mounting Kit
  • TC903KIT - 4" Extension Kit
  • TC905KIT - Motorcycle Help Kit
  • TC906KIT Tire Changer Consumables Kit
  • TC9215035 - Motorcycle ATV Clamps 6-23"
  • TC9214081 - 4" Tire Clamp Extension
  • TC9212851 - Quick-Union Kit
  • TC2008402 - Plastic Duckhead Kit
  • TC9212806 - Allow Wheel Kit
Index Name Tire Changer
Warranty Code V1
Warranty Description Vendor Repairs for 1 year
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