Fluid Evacuators and Dispensers

  • Creates vacuum and pressure
  • Can evacuate and dispense most automotive liquids
  • Larger capacity 8.8 liter fluid reservoir
  • Automatic flow control valve prevents overfilling
  • No electric or compressed air required
  • Can be used with our MV7205A brake bleeder kit
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Product Line

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Fluid Evacuator 7.3 Liter FE8000 Fluid Evacuator 7.3 Liter
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2.3-Gallon Pneumativac Fluid Evacuator MV7300 2.3-Gallon Pneumativac Fluid Evacuator
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Fluid Evacuator/Dispenser 8.8 Liter MV7201A Fluid Evacuator/Dispenser 8.8 Liter
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