Be Your Own Boss™ - Mac Tools Franchise Los Angeles CA


​Becoming a Mac Tools franchise owner allows you to Be Your Own Boss™. It is an opportunity for automotive enthusiasts in the Los Angeles, California, area to build businesses without some of the stresses associated with entrepreneurship, such as excessive overhead and marketing. Our tool dealers can be confident knowing that they are backed by one of the biggest tool manufacturers in the industry.

If becoming a franchise owner sounds like a career you would like to pursue, Mac Tools will gladly get you in touch with one of our recruiters, who will provide you with more information about our tool truck franchise​ program and check to see if you are eligible. Once this is completed and you are approved, you will have the chance to ride along with an established Mac Tools franchise owner in Los Angeles, CA, area, so you can get a feel for the business and make your final decision based off this up-close and personal experience.

Once you have decided to move forward, Mac Tools will supply resources to usher you through the start-up process, including information about obtaining a business license, permits, and purchasing a truck. Once your business's framework has been established, we'll teach you about our products, train you in basic management concepts, and show you how to use our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software at our five-day Tool School seminar.  

Mac Tools also hosts an annual Tool Fair to thank our franchise owners for their service. Here, you will have the chance to:

  • Learn about new products being developed
  • Meet some of the motorsports drivers and team members that rely on our equipment
  • Attend our black-tie dinner event and awards ceremony

If you would like to become a member of the Mac Tools franchise community by operating a tool truck in the Los Angeles, CA, area, please contact us today. 

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