Mac Grip™ Screwdrivers


Published Feb 20, 2014

Mac Tools presents a line of revolutionary screwdrivers that will “turn” the tide in fastener work. The Mac-Grip™ Screwdriver line includes features and benefits to maximize torque, reduce slippage, and remove fasteners quickly and are be available in Slotted®, Phillips®, Torx®, Tamper Proof Torx®, Nut Drivers, and square tip.

It’s all about the Torque... Key to the design of Mac-Grip™​ screwdrivers is the Quad-lobular, four-sided handle which fits comfortably inside the hand no matter the orientation it lands in, allowing the user to apply even more torque than tri-lobe handle designs while providing reduced handle slippage. The larger main body is ergonomically designed to fit large and small hands and provide the ultimate grip to maximize torque. An extended thumb rest stabilizes the user’s grip and provides additional comfort and control for optimal torque while the tapered nose provides a “speed grip” to remove a fastener quickly. And, one glance at the molded tip ID/Brand will help you easily identify the type of tip you need. Bob Blue, Product Manager for Mac Tools says, “Working in a shop environment invariably means you’ll encounter automotive cleaners and fluids. No problem. Mac-Grip™ screwdriver handles are made of a nylon alloy blended material providing maximum chemical and impact resistance. Manufactured in the USA, our evolutionary Mac-Grip™ screwdrivers are just another reason why Mac Tools is Great to Work With™.”

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