MB199UC - 3-Drawer Utility Cart


Published Aug 1, 2013

​​Mac Tools presents a new utility cart with innovative features designed to meet the demanding needs of today's automotive technician. The split top shelf work surface has separate storage for a laptop computer and other electronic devices such as a cell phone or tablet.  Access to a power outlet located in the top compartment provides power for your electronic devices such as charging your cordless batteries while keeping them secure.  These conveniences allow for greater efficiency by keeping tools right where you need them. An optional sliding lower shelf provides easy access to the lower storage area.  And, the reinforced lower panel gives the MB199UC the strength and durability to move over most shop surfaces.  Versatile storage features include a 5-1/4" deep top compartment for deep sockets, 4 pry bar holders, and 16 holes for screwdrivers and extensions.  Corner Bumpers (12") help prevent damage to vehicles when moving the cart through the shop.  Each drawer is equipped with 100 lb. capacity Ball Bearing Slides with a soft close feature.

Available separately, an accessory platform allows for storage expansion, adjustability and specialization. Add a 5-drawer side box for additional storage and consider our add-on holders.  A power tool holder will hold up to three power tools and our screwdriver/extension holder will store up to 12 screwdrivers or extensions for quick access.   Additional accessories include an extension cord wrap, a trash can holder, an aerosol can holder, and a fluid container holder.  Having the right tools at your fingertips just got a whole lot easier. 

According to Tom Jech, Product Manager for Mac Tools, "This cart was designed to meet the demanding needs of today's technology driven automotive repairs. Having quick access to scan tools and a computer is critical in diagnosing vehicle problems.  Our new utility cart combines convenience and quick access right at the job site."  The cart will be available from Mac Tools Distributors and Franchisees in a 3-drawer (MB199UC) and a 5-drawer (MB199UCFD) model.

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