Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Truck Franchise Dallas TX


​​If you are self-motivated and want to Be Your Own Boss™, then perhaps owning a Mac Tools tool truck franchise is the career for you. Automotive mechanics and technicians throughout the Dallas, Texas, area rely on tool trucks to supply them with the shop equipment and tools they need to operate their businesses. Mac Tools offers an opportunity to capitalize on this market, while providing spectacular resources to support your franchise.

Before you get started, one of our recruitment managers will provide you with more information about the Mac Tools franchise program and check to see if you qualify. Then, once you are approved, you will have the opportunity to ride-along with an established tool truck franchise owner in the Dallas, TX, area, experiencing what it takes to be one of our dealers so you can decide whether or not it is the right career for you.

When you are ready to take the next step, we will connect you with an on-boarding representative who will provide information to guide you in acquiring a business license, opening a commercial bank account, and other necessary tasks to get your business up and running. Once this is completed, we will schedule for you to attend our Tool School, where we will teach you about the many different products that we have to offer and provide you with some basic sales strategies that you might find useful while operating your tool truck​ franchise.

Our team also consists of the following to help you while you are on the road:

  • District managers – will assist you in day-to-day operations for your first one or two weeks
  • Business analysts – will monitor finances for your business
  • Product Specialists – are always available to answer any of your questions and advise you about repairs

If you would like more information about owning a tool truck franchise in the Dallas, TX, area, contact Mac Tools today. 

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