Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Truck Franchise San Antonio TX


​Owning a tool truck franchise through Mac Tools is an opportunity for any self-motivated individual with a passion for the automotive industry. As one of our franchisees in the San Antonio, Texas, area, you will enjoy the benefits of working independently while still staying in touch with people who share your interests.

If this sounds like a career that you would love, then you will be pleased to know that we offer a structured on-boarding process to help you get started. This entails:

  • Meeting with a recruiter to see whether or not you qualify for our program
  • A ride-along with one of our established dealers, so you can witness firsthand what it takes to operate a Mac Tools tool truck franchise in the San Antonio, TX, area
  • Receiving step-by-step information on obtaining your business license, permits, truck, and other necessary items to establish the framework of your Mac Tools franchise

Once these preliminary steps are completed, you will continue your training as a Mac Tools dealer at our Tool School. During this five-day program, we will teach you about our tools and shop equipment and how to use our Mobile Business Assistant Software (MBA), which will help you keep your business organized. We'll also provide you with some basic sales strategies that you can use on the road.  

Mac Tools appreciates our franchisees' hard work, and we make sure to thank them every year at our Tool Fair. During this event, our dealers get the chance to meet some famous members of the motorsports teams that rely on our equipment. We also sponsor a black-tie dinner and awards ceremony, in which we recognize the achievements of our top franchisees by inducting them into the exclusive President's Club.

If you are considering owning and operating a Mac Tools tool truck​ franchise in San Antonio, TX, or another nearby area, contact us today. 

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