Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Truck Franchise San Francisco CA


​​Entrepreneurs in the San Francisco, California, area might consider owning a tool truck franchise with Mac Tools if they have a passion for working on cars. Our franchisees are able to work independently but also stay connected with the industry that they love by providing high-quality tools to the automotive professionals in their area. If this sounds like a career that you would like to pursue, then Mac Tools offers you a host of helpful resources to get started.

One of these is our on-boarding process, which will begin as soon as you qualify for the Mac Tools franchise​ program. During this phase, one of our knowledgeable representatives will advise you on what you need to acquire to establish your business, including obtaining a business license and the appropriate permits for operation, opening a commercial bank account, and of course, purchasing a truck and applying the Mac Tools graphics.

Another resource that Mac Tools offers up-and-coming tool truck franchise owners is Tool School. This five-day program is filled with instruction and techniques that you might find helpful as you operate your business in the San Francisco, CA, market, including:

  • Information about our professional-grade tools and shop equipment
  • Basic business management concepts
  • Basic marketing strategies
  • How to use our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software

When you return home, your initial inventory will have been shipped so you can stock your truck and be ready to hit the road. To help you get started and used to the day-to-day operations of your tool truck franchise, your district manager will provide ride-along support for the first week or two. You will also always be able to contact our product specialists, who can answer any of your questions and provide advice about repairs.

Contact Mac Tools today for more information, or if you are interested in owning and operating a tool truck franchise in San Francisco, CA, or another nearby community.  

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