Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Trucks Columbus OH


​All of the Mac Tools tool trucks serving Columbus, OH, mechanics are run by entrepreneurs who have the chance to be their own bosses. While we develop and manufacture professional-grade tools and shop equipment, our dealers cultivate relationships with those who rely on our tools and provide the support services these automotive experts expect to come with their investment. Our recruiters will be happy to discuss what our franchising program requires and see if you qualify to participate in it.

Our on-boarding managers can work with you to provide all of the information on what you'll need to set up your tool truck business. We will also arrange a ride along for you with one of the tool trucks operating in the Columbus, OH, area, offering you a firsthand look at what the business is like before you begin. When you're ready to get on the road, we'll ship you your initial inventory while you attend our Tool School.

During this five day training program, you'll learn:

  • Important information about our various products
  • Strategies for selling our tools
  • Best practices for operating your Mac Tools franchise​
  • How to use our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software to assist in tool truck operations

When you return from Tool School, your initial inventory will be delivered and your district manager will assist you in finalizing your truck set up. This manager will also ride along to provide assistance for your first week or two while you get used to operating on the road. You'll receive financial monitoring from our business analysts and product support from our in-house experts as well.

To learn more about franchising tool trucks in Columbus, OH, contact us today.

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