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​Automotive professionals throughout Dallas, TX, rely on Mac Tools tool trucks to supply them with the equipment they need to get work done. And Mac Tools needs driven entrepreneurs to franchise them, providing the needed support to ensure that our products continue being Great to Work With™. If you've been looking for a business opportunity that will allow you to be independent while being involved in the automotive industry, owning one of these mobile tool franchises may be ideal for you.

Running one of our tool trucks in the Dallas, Texas, area will provide you with an excellent chance to Be Your Own Boss™. The truck owners in our franchise system enjoy the freedom that comes with working on their own and on the road. When you call, a recruiting manager can send you information on our program and begin your screening process to see if you qualify. Once approved to begin your career as a Mac Tools franchisee, you'll work with one of our on-boarding managers to get your business infrastructure in place. We can also arrange for you to ride along on one of the other tool truck franchise​ owners in your area to give you a first-hand look at what goes into running one of these businesses.

Beyond providing a clear process for business owners in Dallas to get their tool trucks on the road, Mac Tools also offers support by:

  • Sending every new franchisee through our Tool School program
  • Providing Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) – our unique software designed to help with managing business on the road
  • Forwarding orders placed on our corporate website directly to our franchisees
  • Financial monitoring by our skilled business analysts

For more information on the Mac Tools tool trucks available in the Dallas, TX, area, contact us today.

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