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​Mechanics throughout Lexington, KY, rely on tool trucks run by Mac Tools franchisees to supply them with professional-grade equipment for automotive maintenance, so our company is always looking for entrepreneurs interested in providing these experts with the outstanding service and support they need. If you want support from a company that's Great to Work With™ and have been searching for a way to Be Your Own Boss™, then owning your own Mac Tools mobile sales business may be just the opportunity you're looking for. Once you are approved for our program, we'll offer you the chance to ride along with a current tool dealer and see if this type of business is right for you. We'll also provide step by step information on what you'll need to do to get your own franchise started.

Part of becoming a Mac Tools franchisee is attending our Tool School, which is designed to provide training on a range of essential subjects including:

  • Mac Tools products – Our product specialists will teach you about the features and benefits of our product lines.
  • Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) – This customized software is designed to help Mac Tools franchise​ owners efficiently run their tool trucks.
  • Making sales – Experienced salesmen will teach a variety of strategies that Lexington area franchisees can use to make sales.
  • Running your tool truck – We train our franchisees on best-practices for keeping their tool truck presentable and orderly to help maximize their ability.

Mac Tools also takes the time to recognize the accomplishments of our tool dealers. As one of our franchisees, you'll be invited to attend our annual Tool Fair, where we unveil the latest products our company has developed and provide a chance to meet members from some of the many motorsports teams we sponsor. All dealers are also invited to the black-tie dinner we host at this event, where we induct top sellers into our President's Club in recognition of their service.

For more information on the tool trucks and routes available in Lexington, KY, contact us today.

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