Be Your Own Boss™ - Tool Trucks and Routes Available to Franchise in Montreal, QC, from Mac Tools


Mac Tools offers opportunities for franchising tool trucks throughout Montreal, Québec. If you've always wanted a chance to Be Your Own Boss™ and have a passion for the automotive industry, then this business opportunity may be ideal for you. Our recruiters are standing by to te​ll you all about the Mac Tools franchise process and see if you meet the requirements to own one. After being approved, we'll even arrange for you to ride along with one of the franchisees in your area so you can see firsthand whether this business is right for you.

If so, we'll provide a structured process to help you Get on the Right Truck™, including:

  • Supplying information on the steps you need to complete to get your Mac Tools franchise​ set up
  • Scheduling you for Tool School classes, where you'll learn essential skills along with other new franchisees of tool trucks
  • Training you on our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA), which is designed specifically for Mac Tools franchisees to help them manage their tool trucks efficiently
  • Sending a district manager to help you set up your truck and ride along for your first week or two

Mac Tools also takes pride in building a franchising culture that recognizes success and offers opportunities for fun as well. Every year, all our franchisees are invited to our Tool Fair, where we announce our latest products and host numerous special guests for our dealers to meet. We even hold a black-tie dinner where top sellers are inducted into our President's Club in recognition of their achievements.

For more information on franchising tool trucks in the Montreal, QC, area, contact us today.

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