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Franchise Tool Trucks Available for Entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN, from Mac Tools

Mac Tools tool trucks bring Nashville area automotive professionals the high-quality equipment they need to keep vehicles on the road, and each needs an entrepreneurial owner willing to provide outstanding service to these clients. By providing training and a variety of support, we can help you Be Your Own Boss™ while building a business that you can take pride in. Our recruiting managers are always happy to introduce you to our program and work with you to see if you qualify.

Once approved for one of the Mac Tools tool trucks serving the Nashville, TN, area, we'll connect you with an on-boarding manager who can provide you information on starting your business. You'll also be provided with an opportunity to ride with an experienced tool truck franchise​ owner in your area to see whether running this type of business is right for you. Once you're ready to launch your business, we will arrange for you to attend our Tool School while we ship your initial inventory. Tool School is designed to supply our dealers with the information on our many products and strategies for selling them. We also provide training on our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software, which we developed specifically to help our franchisees.

The MBA will help you manage your business by:

  • Monitoring payments from clients
  • Tracking and applying for credit
  • Ordering products for your truck
  • Managing warranties and repairs
  • Receiving any online order placed from a franchisee's route

For more information about franchising tool trucks in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, contact us today.

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