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Tool Trucks Supplying Pittsburgh, PA, Area Mechanics Run by Mac Tools Franchisees

Mac Tools franchise owners run tool trucks throughout the Pittsburgh, PA, area to supply mechanics and technicians with the professional-grade shop equipment that they require to keep many vehicles on the road. Our company is always looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for the automotive industry, and providing the training these business owners need to be Great to Work With™. So if you've been searching for an opportunity to Be Your Own Boss™, one of our recruiting managers can help you see if our opportunities are right for you.

After being approved for our program, one of our on-boarding managers will arrange for you to ride along on one of the tool trucks already serving the Pittsburgh, PA, area to see whether this type of business is right for you. If so, you'll receive information on the steps you'll need to complete to set up your tool truck franchise​​ and then attend our informative Tool School to teach you about our products and how to sell them. During this time, your initial inventory will be packaged and delivered, so it is ready to load on your truck when you return.

Our team will be there to provide support as you get on the road, including:

  • District managers to assist you in setting up your truck and getting used to running day to day operations
  • Business analysts to monitor your business's financial health
  • Product specialists to advise you on repairs and any of the items we offer

To learn more about franchising tool trucks in Pittsburgh, PA, contact us today.​​​​​

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