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Tool Trucks from Mac Tools are Excellent Business Opportunities for Richmond, VA, Area Entrepreneurs

Mac Tools offers tool trucks as franchise opportunities for those in Richmond, VA, who are interested in having independent careers where they get to be their own bosses. We provide training and support to these entrepreneurs, so they can get their businesses running and begin bringing our quality products to professional mechanics. Our recruiting managers will be happy to discuss our program with you to see if you qualify, providing detailed information on what starting a mobile tool sales business requires.

Once you are approved to operate one of our tool trucks in the Richmond area, you will be scheduled to ride along with a current franchisee to get a sense of what running a Mac Tools truck is like. Your on-boarding manager will also tell you all of the steps you'll need to complete before you're ready to get on the road. Part of this process is attending our Tool School training, where you'll learn a range of skills to help you with running your tool truck franchise​. This includes how to use our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) – a software system specifically designed to automate a variety of business management tasks on tool trucks. Before returning to Richmond, VA, you'll also receive training on the many different features of our products and strategies that can help you conduct your sales on the road.

While you're in Tool School, your initial inventory will be shipped so it's waiting for you when you arrive, along with an experienced district manager to help you set up your truck. This is just the beginning of the ongoing support you'll receive, which also includes:

  • Ride-along support from your district manager for your first week or two
  • Product information and support available directly from our specialists
  • Financial monitoring provided by a skilled business analyst

To learn more about Mac Tools tool trucks and the franchises available in Richmond, VA, contact us today.

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