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Tool Trucks for San Francisco, CA, Residents Looking for Independent Careers 

Mac Tools tool trucks have provided many entrepreneurs in the San Francisco, California, area with the chance to build a business independently and spend their time on the road and working with others who share their love for the automotive industry. Our company is proud to produce tools that are Great to Work With™ and offer entrepreneurs the chance to franchise mobile tool sales businesses that deliver these products directly to the mechanics and technicians who rely on them. If you've always wanted the chance to Be Your Own Boss™, owning one of our tool franchises is an excellent way to start.

On your tool truck, you won't need to worry about managing employees, but rather focus on building relationships directly with your clients to help them build up the tool kits they need to work efficiently on a wide range of vehicles. Once approved for our program, we will provide you with extensive training through our Tool School so you can learn all about our products and some strategies on how to sell them. We'll also teach you to use our Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software, which can help monitor payments, place orders, and handle a variety of other management tasks to simplify running your business on the road.

Mac Tools also supports our franchisees with:

  • Mac Credit – a financing program designed to make extending credit to customers easier for our franchisees
  • 60-day sales meetings – where our tool truck franchise​ owners can receive new marketing materials and learn about sales strategies from others in their region
  • Online sales – our company extensively promotes our products online and through our sponsorships, forwarding orders placed from our website to the area's dealer

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