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Tool Trucks in Virginia Beach, VA, Operated by Franchisees of Mac Tools

Professional automotive technicians across Virginia Beach, VA, trust tool trucks to supply them with the many different pieces of shop equipment and professional grade tools they need to work reliably and efficiently. Mac Tools offers the opportunity for those interested in the industry to Get on the Right Truck™ and become one of the people that supplies these essential products to the mechanics that need them. We lay out a process that provides the training needed to get on the road and the ongoing support to help stay there, all while providing you with the chance to Be Your Own Boss™.

When a prospective franchisee calls, we'll begin by providing them with the information they need to get started in our program and begin the screening process to see if they qualify. If you are approved, one of our experienced tool truck franchise​ owners will take you for a ride along so you can see whether this type of business is one that you'd like to own. Anyone still interested can then work with our on-boarding managers to find out all the steps they'll need to complete to get their business up and running.

New franchisees also attend our Tool School, where we teach a variety of useful skills, including:

  • Using Mac's Mobile Business Assistant (MBA) software to automate tool truck operations
  • Essential sales strategies for engaging potential clients and making sales
  • Knowledge of the many product lines we offer and what sets them apart from other tools

For more information about franchising tool trucks in Virginia Beach, VA, contact us today. 

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